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5 Tips to Care for Your Dress Hat

Brown Fur Felt Hat
Your choice of hat reflects your personality and shows others that you care about the details. Yet, hats also go far beyond simply making a fashion statement. High-quality hats are made from materials such as natural beaver and wild hair furs that are designed to keep you warm during cold weather and maintain their shape.
However, the processes involved with making fur felt hats do leave them vulnerable to damage if you do not take proper precautions to protect them from wear. Once you've selected the right style and fit for your hat, use these tips to keep it in top condition.

1. Avoid Exposure to Heat

The materials used to make fur felt hats are susceptible to heat. Not only will high temperatures cause the outer fabric to lose its shape, but heat can also cause the sweatband and liner to shrink. When this happens, the hat will no longer fit properly.
Naturally, you would probably never toss your hat into a dryer. However, be aware that leaving your hat in a hot car or truck can cause a similar outcome and can also lead to a need for professional sweatband replacement and hat reshaping services.

2. Gently Brush Away Surface Dirt

A well-made hat deserves to be worn, but hats are constantly exposed to dust and dirt whether you wear it out on the ranch or to your favorite formal events. Unlike straw hats, which can be wiped with a damp cloth, you must avoid exposing fur felt hats to water.
Instead, use a special soft-bristled brush that is designed for this purpose to gently clean the hat. Start at the left side so that you know where you should end, and use soft, circular motions to gently brush all the way around. Once you finish with the crown, finish up by using the same motions on the brim.

3. Know How to Dry Out the Hat

You should try to keep the fur felt hat from getting wet, yet you might not be able to avoid problems such as being caught in a sudden rainstorm. If the hat does get wet, shake it to get the majority of the water off. Then, use the sweatband as a stand for the hat to rest on until it is dry.
Once the hat is dry, assess its condition. You may need to gently brush the hat to restore it, or you may need to to have it reshaped if the hat lost its crease after being soaked.

4. Absorb Liquid Spots With Powders

Occasionally, your hat may get a liquid stain from grease or other materials. Never use a liquid cleaner such as laundry detergent on fur felt because this could remove color from the fur fibers or cause them to warp. Instead, shake a little cornstarch onto the stain and let it sit.
After the power soaks up the grease, brush off the powder and your hat should be as good as new.

5. Protect Your Hat in Storage

In the past, proper etiquette called for fur felt hats to be put away in the summer months in favor of straw varieties. However, these restrictions have loosened up in modern times, and many people choose to wear their hats throughout the year for regular wear or formal events.
Whichever side you of the fence you lean on, you can still expect to need to store your hat when you are not actively wearing it. To protect the brim, always store your hat upside down. Ideally, you should also store the hat in a sturdy box that protects the shaping from being damaged by bumps from other objects.
At Paris Hatters, you can find high-quality fur felt hats in your desired styles along with the services that you need to keep them looking sharp. Give us a call today to order a hat that is designed for long-term wear.


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