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3 Elements to Consider When Selecting Your First Cowboy Hat

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Cowboy hats have always been associated with farmers, ranchers, and other rugged outdoors types. In recent years, the cowboy hat has started to become a more common fixture in mainstream fashion. You can find cowboy hats in the pages of fashion magazines and in the wardrobes of stylish celebrities.
A cowboy hat can be a great way to incorporate a trendy, yet unexpected accessory into your wardrobe. Finding the right cowboy hat requires more than just picking an attractive hat off the wall at your local retailer. A good-looking hat will not look good on everyone.
Here are some important elements that you must consider as you select your first cowboy hat to ensure you end up with the hat best suited to meet your fashion and functional needs.

1. Face Shape

The first element you should consider when buying a cowboy hat is the shape of your face. A hat will draw attention to your face, so you want your cowboy hat to help balance out your features.
Individuals with a thin and elongated face shape look best in hats with a medium crown height. A crown that is too tall or too short will make the face appear longer, which can be less than flattering.
Faces that are full and round should stick to hats with a low crown height. The shorter crown, combined with a slight forward angle to the design of the crown, will help to create a more flattering proportion for fuller faces. Be sure that the height and shape of the crown on your cowboy hat is flattering to your face shape.

2. Hat Material

Another element that should influence your final hat selection is the material a cowboy hat is made from. Modern cowboy hats can be made from straw, leather, felt, or wool. A felt, wool, or leather hat lends a more elegant and refined look to any outfit. These hat materials do have the potential to collect dust and debris, so you will need to invest in regular cleaning if you determine a felt, wool, or leather hat is the right option for you.
If you want a hat that isn't quite so formal, a straw hat will be your best option. These hats age well. They are designed for daily wear, so you can easily maintain a straw hat with minimal cleaning or care.

3. Size

One of the primary ways that a cowboy hat differs from a baseball cap is in sizing. Baseball hats are often adjustable so that they can fit a variety of head shapes and sizes. Cowboy hats are not adjustable, so purchasing a hat that is the correct size can have a significant impact on your comfort level in the future. 
For the best fit, you should have a professional hat retailer measure you for a cowboy hat. You want the hat to sit snugly on the head without shifting or blowing off in the wind. A hat that is too tight can restrict blood flow and cause unsightly creases to appear on your forehead.
An experienced hat retailer will be able to help you determine which size cowboy hat is best suited to provide you with the comfort and security you are looking for.
A nice cowboy hat is an investment in your personal sense of style. You can plan on spending a little money to secure a quality cowboy hat, so you want to ensure that you end up with the hat that suits your needs.
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